Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Corporate Bailout, LLC, Help?

Business debt is common, but when it becomes extreme, it can potentially spell the end of an otherwise promising organization. We strive to assist as many entities as possible while they work to avoid bankruptcy.

Our clients seek our services for diverse reasons, but many:

  • Can’t afford to pay their owners’ salaries,
  • Rely on irregular funding, such as their owners’ personal credit cards,
  • Are falling behind on accounts payable,
  • See their already-limited revenues being lost to cash advance debt payments,
  • Are receiving collection calls,
  • Can’t manage their current debt,
  • Can’t afford to pay off assets, like leased equipment or secured loans, or
  • Can’t sustain cash advance payments.

If any of these early warning signs apply to you, don’t delay. Contact a Corporate Bailout specialist to get a handle on the problem, and begin your recovery now.

How Does Corporate Bailout Help?

We begin each case with an expert consultation. This lets us learn about your unique hardship, but it also helps you devise a more sustainable budget.

Once we’ve relieved some of your burdens through insightful planning, we determine which debts we can help you manage and come up with an effective plan for each. In many situations, we’re able to begin restructuring right away.

Throughout the entire process, we maintain open lines of communication with your creditors. Whether we end up getting a debt waived or coming up with a more workable monthly payment plan, we always keep you informed so that you can manage your financial obligations more effectively.

Are All Loans Eligible for Assistance?

Most of our clients have debt related to short-term, high-interest loans, such as cash advances. Our expertise is extremely far-ranging, however, so we know how to handle any form of business debt you bring to the table.

How Does Corporate Bailout Assistance Work With Creditors?

We handle all communications between you and your loan makers. This frees you from stress and ensures you can concentrate on making smarter business decisions that increase your profitability and bring your company closer to the black.

Should I Be Worried About Privacy?

We respect the extremely sensitive nature of your business data. The services we provide are accompanied by a guarantee of total confidentiality that helps you maintain your reputation and engender trust among consumers and partners.

Unlike many debt assistance organizations, we refrain from sharing information with third parties unless they’re directly involved in your specific collections process. We never publicize the identities or names of companies that apply for relief.

How Long Does Restructuring Take and How Can I Track the Process?

Each relief instance is unique. For instance, the amount, nature or number of debts you owe can all impact how long you’ll need to spend in repayment. Similarly, your current and future budget constraints can also affect the process.

In addition to providing you with our most informed estimates during your initial consultation, we continually keep you updated on your progress. Our expert teams are available whenever you are to answer your questions, offer suggestions and head off potential new problems as they arise. You also receive the benefits of full documentation about the restructuring agreements we make with your creditors.

Can You Save My Business?

There are indeed some businesses that are too far buried in debt to be helped by anyone. The key factor in learning whether yours is eligible is to contact us as soon as possible.

Waiting to address your debt only makes it harder to identify a workable resolution. Take charge of your company’s future, and increase your chances of a successful recovery. Contact a Corporate Bailout consultant now.